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Welcome to "Muzik", in Perdika

In the afternoon, admire the magnificent sunset, enjoy the evening music of the Muzik Cafe-Bar Restaurant and dance under the moon with the breeze at the "in spot" of Perdika, in Aegina island.

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Music Cafe

You will find all kinds of coffee & tea, excellent chocolates, wonderful natural juices & all the milkshake flavors.

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Music Cocktail bar

We are waiting for you to enjoy authentic cocktails and drinks, enjoying quality music.

About us

We started in 2013, with great fun and enthusiasm to create our own "hangout" for lovers of great fun.
A special, welcoming place with a truly friendly environment that will create friends rather than customers, giving priority
first of all to the quality of services and the offered items.

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Muzik Cafe-Bar Restaurant

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Muzik Cafe-Bar Restaurant

Muzik Cafe - Bar Restaurant

All day hang out place in a very friendly and warm environment, on the paved "balcony" of Perdika with excellent sea view,
on the opposite beach and the island of Moni.

In the morning at Muzik Cafe - Bar Restaurant you can get a full breakfast, enjoying the sun and the sea. Every day at Muzik Cafe you can cool off with bubble tea, refreshments, wonderful cold fresh natural juices, smoothies, all milkshake flavors, biscotello, Greek ice cream and soft ice-cream "muzik".

All day at Muzik Cafe you can relax with Italian hausbrandt coffee or chocolate in various flavors, various desserts, waffles, sweet crepes, as well as waffles and crêpes with praline-peanut, by the sea.

Every night or evening at Muzik Restaurant you can taste various appetizers, hearty crepes, sandwich club with chicken, handmade pizzas, many kinds of pasta, chicken fillet, chicken ala cream and wonderful salads with beer, wine, ouzo or tsipouro by the sea view of the Saronic Gulf.

Every evening at the Muzik bar you can taste splendid authentic drinks and exotic cocktails, mojito pistache, mojito masticha from Chios & cocktail pistache, spirits, special shots, beer from the barrel, in a modern and special place, listening to quality music from all over people.

Excellent guests ... and of course ... separate events that raise adrenaline to heights! Your evening entertainment in Perdika
has found its ideal place for hours of fun, carelessness and endless dance!

The quality of Italian coffee is called hausbrandt. Aromatic coffee that exudes the entire Italian Espresso culture. Classical and full of blends with spice flavors and a taste that reflects old tastes of biscuit, hazelnut and caramel.

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Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail. Sugar, combined with the freshness of the lime and the scent of the mint, are meant to "quench" the strong sense of rum. Mojito cocktail is one of the most popular summer cocktails.

Best seller mojito, mojito pistache, mojito masticha from Chios & cocktail pistache.


The parties at "Muzik Cafe - Bar Restaurant" are a major event on the cosmopolitan island of Aegina and characterize the summer months in Aegina. During the summer there are organized "coctail nights", live parties with Greek music and evenings with DJs,
for Hot summer and panic ... in Perdika.

The staff

Modern and cheerful people with impeccable service and also our distinct prices are the basic features of Muzik that make it stand out in Aegina as a point of reference for quality entertainment!